Conventional and Organic Use
CAL-10 is a plant food that is compatible with most organic and conventional starters, liquid nitrogen, fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, microbial products, and with the SoilBiotics Conventional and Organic programs*. It is safe to use when used according to instructions, is non-corrosive, and contains no biotics. It is not a fungicide or a pesticide. CAL-10 is 100% naturally occuring.
When is CAL-10 Applied?
CAL-10 can be applied pre-plant, at planting time, foliar applied post-emergence and up to four times during the growing season.
See Product Label for specific application instructions.
Storage Stability: CAL-10 should not be stored in a non-seasoned metal container, and should be used within growing season it was purchased. It is recommended that the product not be subject to freezing.
Benefits of using SoilBiotics CAL-10:
  • Provides a continual supply of calcium to the plant. Calcium is the conduit by which all nutrients are transported into and within the plant so availability throughout the growing season is critical.
  • Is an excellent food source for soil microbes.
  • Can be applied to most crops.
* CAL-10 registration: USDA NOP 205.602(c); Calcium chloride (natural, brine process only) is prohibited for use on an organic farm except as a foliar spray to treat a physiological disorder associated with calcium uptake.
  • A physical compatibility test is recommended.  
  • See Product Label for rates and application warnings.
  • Do not mix with any Glyphosate, 2 4 D Ester or Amine formulations, P2O5 Phosphorous or Phosphoric Acid
Give your plants their “Ca” the best way with SoilBiotics CAL-10! 
CAL 10
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