Answers To Our Most Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is the primary function of SoilBiotics products?
A. The four categories of SoilBiotics Products have been formulated to help growers increase their yields and crop quality by providing a comprehensive input program starting at the seed and focusing on the three pillars of Soil Health: Physical Fertility, Chemical Fertility, and Biological Fertility. See our Education section for additional information.
Q: What are Humic and Fulvic Acids?
A. Both fall into the broad category of Humates, which are naturally occurring substances that are the result of millions of years of plant, animal and other organic material decomposition. Humic Acids are large, long-chain carbon molecules and Fulvic Acids are smaller, short-chain carbon molecules.
Q: How do they function?
A.Basically, Humic Acids improve soil structure by using their dual (+/-) ion structure to “break up” soil particles and create greater oxygen infiltration, increase water retention, and pave the way to increased nutrient exchange between plant roots and the soil. They are also known to increase plant cell wall permeability and foster better nutrient uptake by roots and leaves.
Fulvic Acids - these smaller molecules function as the transporters of both soil-present nutrients and externally-applied nutrients into the plant.
Q: How do Humic Acids help Soil Carbon content?
A: Research has shown that Humic Acids have a positive effect on building soil Organic Matter (OM) and increasing the biological stability of OM, thereby helping the OM mitigate CO2 loss from the soil. Humic Acids help soil sequester atmospheric carbon taken in by plants throughout the growing season by holding carbon given up by decomposing crop residues.
Q: Are SoilBiotics products organic?
A: Many are organic and OMRI-Listed, but we also offer a variety of conventional options to meet growers needs. Some of our organic products may also be used in conventional applications.