How Humates Work

Enhance Macro and Micro Nutrient Intake in Your Crops
SoilBiotics Humic products are designed so that they may increase or enhance nutrient uptake in plants, improving overall plant health.
Our products work in three primary ways:
  1. Electrostatic Attraction: Humates have the ability at a molecular level to isolate a Hydrogen (H) ion. This changes their charge from negative to positive, or positive to negative depending on the soils needs. When a soil has electrostatic attraction, trace minerals are held in the soil and remain available. This is the force which holds the electrons in orbit around the nucleus, attracting nutrients to the root zone and facilitating uptake. Plus, they are protected from leaching into the subsoil. Our Humic products create ions with a positive charge (cations) allowing them to be readily available in the soil, facilitating transport of 1) nutrients in the plant roots, and 2) exchange for other metals.
  2. Complex Chelation: SoilBiotics Humic products function to dissolve and bind trace minerals through a process called chelation. This is the process in which macro and micronutrients are broken down so they are readily available to the plant. Nutrients become more available with chelation. Nutrients such as copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, and zinc, are more readily available to the plant. These products can also influence the chelation of heavy toxic metal elements within the soil. When toxic metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium are present in the soil, this chelation ties up the unwanted metals and makes them unavailable to the plant.
  3. Water Bridging: SoilBiotics products can improve mobility of nutrient ions through the soil solution to the roots. This mechanism also helps reduce leaching of plant nutrients into the subsoil, grabbing onto the newly applied fertilizer just as it frees up minerals already in the soil. This way, less is lost to the environment and more is made available to the plant.


Finally, plants have a natural defense system already built into their genetics that offers a fabulous resistance to pests and diseases. But, this defense is only effective if the plant is healthy and proper nutrition is available, which can be achieved by utilizing SoilBiotics products. SoilBiotics products have been proven to work in greatly varied soil types and with numerous plant species.