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Product Timeline

The SoilBiotics Conventional & Organic Program Timeline
  • Seed Preparation

    Organic 1r - Seed Treatment  |  Seed Start 200

    To improve beginning stages of plant life which may result in better plant health and improved yields by increasing the strike rate at germination for more viable live plants.

  • Pre-Plant Soil Mainenance

    3 - Growth Boost  |  Organic 2r - Soil Boost  |  Organic 3r - Growth Boost
    Organic 4r - Foliar Concentrate  |  PH K  |  SB4400  |  SB N 5-0-0

    To stimulate enhanced growth and performance of plants and microbial population in the soil

  • Pre-Plant

    SB4400  |  eFISHnt 5-1-2  |  SB N 5-0-0

    To aid in healthy seedling germination, increase microbial population, increase nitrogen fixation and nutrient availability, products which are 100% available and a readily available source of nitrogen.

  • Planting

    3 - Growth Boost  |  4 - Ultra Boost  |  Organic 3r - Growth Boost
    Organic 4r- Foliar Concentrate  |  PH K  |  Organic Plant Boost
    SB4400  |  eFISHnt 5-1-2  |  SB N 5-0-0

    To free up nutrients tied up in the soil making nutrients available to the plant, and to aid in growth by keeping products in the feeder root zone

  • Pre-Emergence

    Cal-10 for conventional practices

    An additional calcium source that enhances plant metabolism!

  • Emergence

    3 - Growth Boost  |  4 - Ultra Boost  |  5 - MicroNutrient Boost
    Organic 3r - Growth Boost  |  Organic 4r - Foliar Concentrate  |  PH K  |  SB4400  |  CAL-10
    eFISHnt 5-1-2  |  Growth Supplement 30  |  SB N 5-0-0

    Feed the plant in the early stages of growth before they peak through the soil

  • Post-Emergence

    CAL-10  |  SB4400  |  SB N 5-0-0

    Aids in keeping the plants stress free!

  • Growth

    3 - Growth Boost  |  5 - MicroNutrient Boost  |  Organic 3r - Growth Boost
    Organic 4r - Folair Concentrate  |  PH K  |  SB4400  |  CAL-10  |  eFISHnt 5-1-2
    Growth Supplement 30  |  SB N 5-0-0

    To keeps plants healthy for proper pollenating and ensure maximum yields at harvest

  • Post-Harvest Soil Maintenance

    3 - Growth Boost  |  Organic 2r - Soil Boost  |  Organic 3r - Growth Boost
    Organic 4r - Foliar Concentrate  |  PH K  |  SB5500  |  eFISHnt5-1-2

    Residue Digester Program that degrades a wide variety of organic polymers which become an excellent food source for soil microbes and increases soil tilthe.

  • SoilBiotics.....Providing Full Circle Improvement for Soil Health and Plant Growth..... Naturally.



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Our Social Responsibilities

We are proud members of the following organizations


SoilBiotics supports, aids and promotes any Vocational Agricultural Program at any High School.



The objective of the Humic Products Trade Association (HPTA) is to become the “standard of excellence” in the humic trade.


Organic Materials Review Institute

Provides an independent review of products intended for use in certified organic production, handling, and processing.


4R nutrient stewardship

4R nutrient stewardship is a framework designed to help farmers achieve cropping system goals.

  • Testimonials


    <“Our soil was very clumpy to dry powder. After using SoilBiotics, our soil was broken down and held moisture better. SB is a very useful tool in our farm plan.”

    - Amy Mitcheck -
    Cheyenne County Colorado

  • Testimonials


    Improved my yields 58 beans/130 corn to 73 beans/140 corn.”

    - Josh Kirkpatrick -
    Clinton County, Indiana

  • Testimonials


    SoilBiotics improved our crops condition, thicker roots, softer and better structured soil. Our corn yields went from 180 bpa to 208 bpa.”

    - Jeff Adams -
    Kankakee County, Illinois

  • Testimonials


    SoilBiotics improved overall plant health and soil condition, much looser soil.”

    - Joe Schmidt -
    LaSalle County, Illinois