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GMS Labs - Soil Analysis

The SoilBiotics Soil Testing Program provides a soil analysis that aids in determining pre-plant and side-dress fertilization requirements.  It was created by GMS and SoilBiotics with certain criteria to provide an understanding of the crop production capabilities of each field in terms of salinity, soil type, water holding capacity, percolation, and much more!
See the Soil Analysis Order Form below or contact Herb Steffen at GMS Labs at 309-377-2851 or to learn more about the SoilBiotics Soil Testing Program!  Have your soil analyzed and results reviewed by a SoilBiotics Salesperson to start improving soil conditions today!
Don’t have an account with GMS?  Print and complete the credit application found below and forward it to GMS.  Be sure to print and complete the order form before sending in soil samples to GMS.  Only orders with completed paperwork will be processed.