Seed Treatment

 Proven Performance Year After Year
SoilBiotics Organic 1r - Seed Treatment covers and penetrates the seed coat, protecting the seedling from germination-inhibiting spores and fungal pathogens. This seed treatment also triggers hormones and growth systems in the embryo during the critical early stages of germination, leading to healthier root development and more robust seedling stands. Applied directly to the seed, this product strengthens the whole plant, above and below the ground, before pests in the soil can attack. 
From seed preparation to post-harvest soil maintenance, SoilBiotics products work together to provide a continuous and highly beneficial input program that will meet and surpass your agricultural needs. Our high-quality inputs lay the foundation for crop success, encouraging plants to reach their highest potential.  
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Organic 1r - Seed Treatment

Conventional and Organic Use
Organic 1r- Seed Treatment is an organic, Humic Acid product derived from naturally-occurring, highest-quality mined Leonardite. It is formulated to improve nutrient uptake, provide better root development, and reduce plant stress. Continual testing has shown improved germination and emergence of crops with increased stand counts. Organic 1r- Seed Treatment desiccates germination inhibiting spores (fungal pathogens) on the pericarp of the seed, penetrates the seed coat and triggers hormones and growth systems in the embryo during the critical early stages of germination. This leads to healthier root development and stronger seedling stands. It has been reported to perform well in cold conditions. This product can be used on conventional or organic seed.
  • Easy to use as a stand-alone treatment; may be applied up to 5 months pre-plant 
  • Allows seed to flow well through planter
  • Is compatible with most other seed treatments when blended together before treating seed, or applied as an additional seed treatment. A physical compatibility test is recommended
  • Has no sticky polymers or binding agents
  • Non-toxic, safe to handle, and contain no microbes, bacteria or biotics
  • Designed to improve the beginning stages of plant life which may result in the opportunity of better plant health and improved yields
  • Increases the strike rate for faster germination and uniform emergence
  • Increases stand count and crop yield potential due to greater populations per acre
  • Increases early vigor of seedlings to outgrow insect and disease pressure reducing the need for fungicides/insecticides
See Product Label for application instructions and rates, plus any Cautions or Restrictions.
Organic 1R Seed Treatment
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This product should be used within the growing season
in which it was purchased.


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